Fiberglass bathtubs are lightweight, are easy to set up in a shower stall and are inexpensive. They require thick fiberglass walls and sturdy wooden frames to ensure a long life. While fiberglass bath tubs last long, there comes a time when they start to show signs of wear and tear. To bring your bathtub back to its original clean and shiny state, consider the following fiberglass tub refinishing tips.
1.    Material Preparation
If you would like to make your work easier you should be organized. Ensure that your bathroom has proper ventilation before you embark on the resurfacing. Open windows and doors to provide sufficient flow of air. Always wear hand gloves when restoring fiberglass tubs to protect your hands from scrapes, scratches, and harsh substances.
2.    Decluttering Your Bathroom
Drop cloth or lay down old newspaper around the edges of the bathtub or any areas that require covering. Remove other non-essential items in the bathrooms such as rugs, towels, soap, and other to avoid making an unnecessary mess as well as stains.
3.    Using A Bathroom Refinishing Kit
You will require a tub refinishing kit to restore your fiberglass tub. Pre-mix the cleaning substance that comes with the kit. Dip a soft cloth or rag into the solution then start scrubbing and applying it to the surfaces of the bathtub. The solution is great for removing sediment and mildew deposits that help to restore the clean surface of your bathtub.

4.    Painting
Once you have cleaned and scrubbed the bathtub, you can use a fair amount of paint coating to restore the finish. You should ensure that the tub is dry then apply a coat of self-leveling paint. You should wait for about 2 hours after applying the first coat to apply the second one. You should then wait a further 48 hours for the coats of paint to dry completely.
5.    Waxing
Waxing is an excellent way of restoring shine to your fiberglass tub. You can use any neutral-colored car wax for this. Start by cleaning your tub thoroughly using a scouring pad, and a soft, abrasive cleaner. Towel-dry the tub ensuring that you remove all water from the sides and bottom. Next, apply car wax to the tub carefully to avoid waxing the bottom surface since it will make it slippery. Finally, buff your tub using a soft, lint-free cloth.
Final Thoughts
It is easy to do fiberglass tub refinishing if you can follow the tips discussed above. However, if you would like the best results, you should find a professional to do the Bathtub Refinishing for you. Remember to always ask for a Free Estimate and verify that they are experienced.